Swing Set

A suitable for outdoor, for 6 to 7 assembly of three to seven years old children play swing, contains a double face to swing, slide, 1.2 meters basketball box football nets and other functions, fixed by the nail into the underground, can be placed in the courtyard to you with his neighbor's kids to play, you may place to let the children to play in the park, etc.

Chicken Coop

A small nest suitable for raising poultry in the courtyard, the wooden structure, and the right-sized wooden boards are combined with screws to create this chicken coop full of natural flavor and medieval aesthetics. It is very easy to build, just follow the instructions and use a screwdriver to correctly combine the wooden doors, you can get this convenient chicken coop, so that your free-range poultry will no longer have to worry about no place to live or no place to build their own secrets Small nests, a structure that all birds like.

Plastic Slide

A slide that can be used both outdoors and indoors. It consists of a slide and a bracket made of several pipe fittings. You can play freely even in the room. The entire slide is very simple to build. It can be built within half an hour using the included tools according to the instructions. When you feel that it takes up space or is not used for a long time, you can also disassemble it and change it back to a combination of slides and pipe fittings. Putting it together, it does not take up too much space. It is a good choice for home travel.